Government to Spend 10 million GEL on Infrastructural Projects in Regions

“We will spent Millions of GEL on infrastructural projects in regions, 3 million GEL will finance an arrangement of berry plants within Plant Future agriculture program. 7 million GEL are going to be used program for reasonable employment of state-owned lands for hay and gazing regarding agriculture cooperatives. This is often serious support for highland residents. It can be wroth noting that about 50% of highland settlements enjoy the status of your highland settlement”, Kvirikashvili noted.

The Prime Minister also overviewed the position performed to get a year and noted that 70000 pensioners benefit from the program benefits, along with 1600 representatives in the healthcare sector.

“Objective for this program would be to fix the population in highland regions and inspire workout . to revisit highland regions from urban zones.

In 2017, in excess of 7 200 families with new-born children enjoyed these benefits. We have set additional 100 GEL bonus for that 1st two children, 200 GEL to the third and much more children. All at once, more than 70 000 pensioners have liked this program, that’s 20% bonus on pensions. Over 1600 representatives of healthcare sector have thought this was interesting program C 100% bonus on pensions.
In excess of 80 000 families have enjoyed electricity preferential rates. This program will be continued, expanded and even more attention will probably be paid to highland regions. This is often among the many important lines of our own policy and strategy”, the main Minister said.

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