The Namakhvani HPP Project Will Reduce Carbon Emissions by 700,000 Tons Per Year

If the electricity produced by the Namakhvani project was replaced with coal fired power, this can raise the CO2 emissions in Georgia by approximately 14%. The Namakhvani project makes it much easier in order to satisfy Georgia’s pledges during the Paris Accords signed in 2015. The flexibility the project provides on the energy system in Georgia can make it easier to integrate solar and wind power in the Georgian grid further lowering the CO2 emissions in america.

Namakhvani HPP ?is going to be constructed in compliance with all the environmental and social standards from the international institutions financing the work. The work is going to be implemented by way of a professional team of Georgian and foreign specialists. The project’s technical consultant is a Swiss-based firm Stucky, along with its environmental and social advisor is a French company SLR.

The Namakhvani HPP being built by Clean Energy Group Georgia (CEGG) LLC is usually a strategically important problem for Georgia’s search for energy independence. CEGG has long been awarded the right to develop, build, own, and operate the 400 MW Namakhvani project. The award will be the results of a transparent and competitive tender process wherein 26 companies taken part.

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