Government should Leave Fiscal Space for Major Infrastructural Projects

“In 2017 the Government been able to cut expenses. Government has created progress the reason is. We have seen legislation on reformation of public offices. Decline in similar expenses will guarantee wider pace for public investments which is important for inclusive growth”, Francois Painchaud said.?

The IMF expects the inflation rate to say no to to the target indicator, he added.
“The 2017 fiscal deficit are going to be about 3%. This factor reflects good revenues, on the other hand, and meeting the parameters of expenses, on the flip side. You must maintain accrued expenses in order to increase capital commitments. Subsequently, i will receive more inclusive boost in the near future.

In 2017 the inflation index was over the NBG target indicator. The indicator hit 6.7% at the end of 2017, although the figure declined to 4.3% at the outset of 2018″, Francois Painchaud said.

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